Mickaël MAISONNEUVE, Quality and Operations Manager at UNION INVIVO:

“Today, we must act upstream on the insect problem rather than endure it. This tool makes it possible to refine the measurement

and to position itself as an innovative player in pesticide residues. No need to treat everything.

A segmentation of healthy batches is done at reception. The method is 100 times more accurate than a weevil sieve which is limited to adult forms. Accuracy, reliability.”

Among those who trusted us


The user feedback on the EWD SA version is very interesting and the interest demonstrated (Details on request).

Dijon Céréales

The use of the EWD P3 version in flat storage and at the farmer’s storage gives full satisfaction.

Harinera del Mar 

The integration of the EWD SA version in receipt of the mill was simple and fast.


The portable EWD P3 is used as a tool for the implementation of targeted prevention methods to control insects in the seed plant.

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“Efficient solution” label for EWD/EWG technology (Early Warning Diagnosis / E Warn Grain) awarded by Solar Impulse Foundation of Bertrand PICCARD

An insect detection technology for drastically reducing grain chemical treatment and energy consumption

February 2022

To address sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth, Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation have identified 1000+ clean and profitable solutions. 

"Protection of the environment would become a reality only if it was perceived as economically viable and requiring no financial or behavioral sacrifices. Today, efficient solutions exist that can boost economic growth, while at the same time reducing our impact on the planet." - Bertrand Piccard

Indeed, the use of EWD/EWG allows a reduction in insecticide treatments (> 85% - CEPP - Certificate of Economy of Phytopharmaceutical Products), energy savings linked to ventilation between 33% and 65% for 86% of the silos in France and a reduction of up to 82% in GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions.

Publication of the ministerial decree on February 27, 2020

concernaient Certificates of Economy of Phytopharmaceuticals (CEPP) for stored grain


The system is based on the implementation of actions contributing to the savings of plant protection products. These actions are in accordance with standardized actions adopted by the French Minister of Agriculture and Food. For each standardized action, the nature of the action, the documents justifying the implementation of the action to be transmitted are defined on the occasion of the request for certificates of savings in plant protection products, the documents to be archived and to be kept and provided to the  control officers, the annual number of plant protection product savings certificates and the number of years during which the action gives the right to issue certificates.

Action sheet 2020-061 allocates, per equipment sold, 91 CEPP to the EWD SA version, 23 CEPP to the EWD SP version and 46 CEPP to the EWD P3 version. The number of years during which the action gives the right to issue certificates has been set at 10 years.

Circuit culture

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